Sunday, August 30, 2009

Coffee With Dinie

Sorry lah pending job sekian lama.

Bagi kawan-kawan yang tertanya-tanya tentang perkembangan Dinie.. alhamdulillah beliau sihat.

Berikut adalah interview ringkas dengan Dinie. Cakap English Ok bajet you!!!:

S (Smach99):Where do you live and what are you doing now?
D (Dinie) : I am staying at Kelana Jaya and working as a Patern/Trademark Executive at Quality Oracle Sdn. Bhd.

S : Are you still single?
D : Yes, I am still *chuckle*

S : Where were you 5 years ago?
D : Just finished my degree in Legal Studies with UiTM.

S : What do you do in past times?
D : I spend my time watching TV shows, reading books and hang out with friends.

S : When thinking about SMACH, what is the thing you remember the most?
D : My friends, classes and the hostel.

S : Who is the SMACHIAN you want to see the most?
D : All my batch members. Miss them all. I hope I could have time to attend any gathering organized.

Well, that is it :)

Disertakan foto2 beliau buat tatapan sahabat yang merindui.

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