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Bowling SMACH Alumni 2009!!!!

(sekali lagi aku meng "copy" dan "paste" dari Join la beramai-ramai pada mana2 yang berkesempatan dan berkelapangan, kalau tak lapang, lapang2 kan la...kompem best tak hengatt nih)
Date: 28 February 2009 (Saturday)
Time: 12pm - 2pm
Venue: ARL Power Bowl, Alamanda Shopping Center, Putrajaya

On behalf of the organizing committee, I am pleased to inform all of you that SMACH Alumni Association plans to organize its Second SMACH ALUMNI BOWLING TOURNAMENT 2009.
The tournament is scheduled to be held on Saturday, 28th February 2009 from 12pm to 2pm at ARL POWER BOWL, Alamanda Shopping Center , Jalan Alamanda, Precinct 1, 62000 Putrajaya. ( )

All SMACH alumni, including spouses and children are welcome to participate in this tournament. All you need to do is to gather at least four (4) people including yourself to form a team. The remaining members of the team could well be other SMACH alumni, your spouse, children or our teachers, if any. NO “import” or “professional” bowlers are allowed to be part of any team!

Entry Fee per team is RM 140.00 (that is, RM 35.00 per person X 4). The fee includes two games/frames, bowling shoe rental, and light meals & drinks to be served during the tournament. Please be reminded that no outside food are allowed and do not forget to bring your own sports socks.

If you are interested to participate, please deposit RM 140.00 to Maybank Account No. 162021227790 (Pay to the order of MOHD YUSRIZAL MOHD YUSOF) and e-mail the filled form to and sms the confirmation bank deposit slip to mobile: 019-3517717. The deadline to submit this form is by 12:00 noon on Thursday, 12th Feb 2009.

Those who are unable to get access to email, can also contact any of the organizing committee members below for application forms (hardcopy), form submission and payment.
Note that, at this time, participation is limited to only 26 teams (104 bowlers). We have no choice but to reject any application beyond these 26 teams. At this juncture, we do not have plan for second session of the tournament.

There would be team prizes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th. That is, the best 4 teams with highest combined scores of both frames/games. Also, there would be individual prizes from 1st to 15th places. The 15 individuals who score highest in both frames/games combined.
All proceeds from this tournament, if any, will be channeled to SMACH Alumni Association Fund for future association activities.

Let’s make this a wonderful and memorable event and we look forward to having all of you there. We highly appreciate your participation and contribution!

Those alumni who are not participating in the tournament are also welcomed. In the vicinity of ARL Power Bowl in Alamanda Shopping Center , there are also Fun/Games Stations, Kids Playground, Little Bug, Factory Outlets, Food Court , etc. Therefore, do take your family members along. It has been our intent all along that we want to make this a family event.

On a separate but relevant matter, each and every one of you is also encouraged to formally register your membership at SMACH ALUMNI ASSOCIATION. On the day of the tournament, there would be a desk set-up meant for this purpose. Annual membership fee is RM 30.00 only.
On behalf of SMACH Alumni Association, we would like to thank our sponsors for their generous donations and contributions.

Should you have any questions or require any further clarifications, please kindly call any member of the organizing committee below :

Thanks you and warmest regards,
Wan Mohd Nazri Wan Mahmud @ WEINAChairman Organising Committee
Download bowling application form

Members of Bowling Committee:-
** Please replace [at] with @ symbol
1. Mohd Yusrizal Mohd Yusof (SMACH 94) - 019 351 7717 mmohdyus[at]
2. Wan Mohd Nazri Wan Mahmud (SMACH 91)- 012 612 3389 sengotti[at]
3. Zulkiffli Hassan (SMACH 91) - 019 362 5759 zulkiffli[at]
4. Nazool Ihsan (SMACH 91) - 019 309 6642 glowngo[at]
5. Tarmizi Mohd Salleh (SMACH 91) - 019 263 3008 nmizi[at]
6. Mohd Azuan (SMACH 90) - 019 202 2309
7. Ahmad Nasri Mohamed (SMACH 97) - 013 394 0209 nasri[at]

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